About Me!

My name is Miss Bryksa, I have created this page so friends and family can follow along on my journey of becoming a future teacher!

I am currently working on completing my Bachelor of Education throughout the University of Regina. I am am born and raised in Foam Lake, Sk. where I am doing my schooling from my childhood home due to covid. Being at home means that I am close to my family and I get the extra support that I wouldn’t get if I was in the city all by myself.

Throughout high school I worked at the local Daycare being a student early childhood educator. When I began university I took a summer job in my hometown being the Summer Recreation Program Manager. Throughout the days in the summer I planned day camps, outdoor, and activities that got the children moving.

In my free time, I enjoy being with family. I am a very crafty person, so I spend much of my free time making crafts for my home. My favourite crafting project is cross stitching, I spend many hours working on my stitching. I also really enjoy baking. My favourite treats to make are scuffles and cinnamon buns.

You’re off to great places.

Today is your day.

Your mountain is waiting,

so get on your way!”

Dr. Suess
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